What is an alias?

An alias is a "proxy" email address that is all emails sent to this email address will be forwarded to your personal email address.

Do you read or store the forwarded emails?

No, SimpleLogin never stores forwarded emails. This is also better for us as simply forwarding emails is much easier than storing, indexing, ... your emails 😎

Is email alias permanent?

Yes! An email alias is actually a normal email that exists forever unless you remove it on your dashboard.

What happens when I reach the maximum number of alias?

When you click on the button "Connect with SimpleLogin" on a website, this website will receive actually an email alias rather than your personal email. If you have the premium plan or are in a trial period, a new alias will be created for each website. Otherwise, the alias will be picked randomly from the alias you have created. In all the cases, your personal email is never communicated to the website.

What can I do if a website does not have "Connect with SimpleLogin" button?

We are working on having more and more website/app adopting SimpleLogin but this takes some time indeed ... In the meantime, you can use SimpleLogin to pick an email alias instead of using your personal email when signing up on a website. Please remember to use a different password for each website/app though 😉, we recommend https://strongpasswordgenerator.com/.

What is your business model?

Our revenue comes only from subscriptions, that means the product will stay ad-free forever.

A part of the revenue is distributed to website/app owners as without them, SimpleLogin is not very useful 😉

How I can reply to an email sent to my alias without revealing my personal email?

That's a very good question! We are currently working on that feature and it will be available this year.

Here's a quick teaser: when you click on "Reply" to a forwarded email, your personal email address will be replaced by the alias on our server and then the email is forwarded back to the original sender. This way, the sender will never know your personal email.