Step 2: App credential

To be able to get user information from SimpleLogin, you would need to create an app on SimpleLogin.

1) First please head to SimpleLogin and create an account if you do not have one already then create a new app in Developer tab. You can leave the website url and app icon empty for this example project.

Create a new app

2) Copy the client_id and client_secret

Copy client-id and client-secret

3) Add your website url into the authorized URIs. This step is usually only necessary when you deploy your app on production. By default, SimpleLogin whitelists localhost address that should facilitate the local development.

4) If your app is a SPA (single-page application, e.g. React, VueJS, Angular web app) or mobile app (e.g. Swift, Kotlin), please head to Front-end page. If your app has a back-end (Php, Python, java, etc), please head to Back-end page.