Revenue sharing

The current advertising model is based on an unfair model where big players (Google, Facebook, etc) take almost all benefit and app/content creators get almost nothing. We strongly believe a sustainable model should be fair: our partners should get an important part of the revenue because together with SimpleLogin, we provide a great login experience to user while respecting user privacy at the same time.

The revenue formula is still work-in-progress as we need to take into account different factors (mostly payment processing fee and tax rate) but hopefully this page can give you a rough idea on how it works.

The payment period is monthly and works as following:

  • a user John opts for the monthly subscription. John pays 1$ every month. SimpleLogin receives x$ after processing fee and tax. Half of this will be distributed to partners, i.e. x/2

  • John uses N apps that implement SimpleLogin: each app will get an equal part of the revenue, which is x/(2*N)

Let's put this into a concrete example. The following numbers are of course hypothesis and are based on our usages which might not reflect your users.

  • the average number of app a user uses per month is about 10.

  • x=$0.6

  • you have an app that got 1M users, 30% of them use SingleLogin and 1/30 of them are paying customers, that is 10K paying users.

Using our formula, each month you will receive

monthly_revenue = total_number_of_paying_user * 1/2 * monthly_net_revenue / average_app_number

which in the example is 10K * 1/2 * $0.6 * 1/10 = $300