As a website/app owner, why should I implement Simple Login instead of Facebook/Google login?

That's a very good question! Do you know that Facebook and Google use these buttons to track your users browsing history so that they can provide more personalised ads? And do you get any of these ad-generated revenue?

Simple Login, with a transparent pricing model (you know where our revenue comes from) with a single product that focus solely on improving the login experiences yet still giving users total control over their data, does not have any incentive to utilize your user data.

In addition, we believe in a fair model: users come to your website because your website brings value to them and we are in a win-win relationship, so you deserve to have a share of the benefit.

Ok, got it. But how about Sign in with Apple ?

About Apple, they claim to not selling your users data to advertisers but being an advertiser themselves, how can we be sure ... Apple can also be considered as an ad platform with their Apple Search Ads so better to not put Apple in a (much) higher position than Facebook or Google in terms of privacy.

And arguments about transparent pricing and fair model apply to Apple too 😉

Why should I trust Simple Login?

In addition to a transparent and sustainable model, we plan to release Simple Login as a open source product so anyone can setup their own private login or audit the code.

Do you plan to release a SDK to support native, windows, etc app?

Yes absolutely! We start with OpenID and OAuth2 simply because they are the most popular. We plan to provide a SDK for Android, iOS, Windows quite soon. Stay tuned!